LOOK OUT, there’s a National Hookah Alliance

7 Apr

At last, the war is over! Long live the National Hookah Alliance.

Yoko wants to get me punched

7 Mar

The men behind Crazy 8s

4 Mar

Here’s me and Paul Armstrong (right) at the 15th annual Crazy 8s film gala in Vancouver. He insists on touching me at every party.


Ken Hegan (host) and Paul Armstrong (producer)

Kingsgate Mall is depressing/hilarious

24 Feb

Kingsgate Mall has a rogue Twitter feed

Hide from zombie cops

13 Feb

When I see cops on horseback, I assume ‘zombie attack’ and hide in the bathroom.




Worst / best combover ever

13 Feb

A combover so valuable, they installed a security camera to guard it.

Guarding the family jewels

Follow me, I know things

13 Feb

Come back with me. I will show you things.

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